Hello! My name is Pål.

My skills: I am a London-based senior marketer (MSc) with 10 years experience, relying on my strong project management skills across growth and performance marketing, digital infrastructure and data analysis. My approach involves running digital through team leadership in a structured and strategic test and learn environment, where I focus on implementing and optimising digital performance, not only in marketing but across the whole business.

My outcomes: through leading high-performance teams, I have transformed digital channels like SEM, social, and website, and I’ve also built infrastructure, including CRM systems, using the latest technology and data insights. I have managed media budgets over £1 million, delivering ROI of more than 8:1. I have ranked number one in Google for a major product name within an e-Commerce store and an entire product category.

My method: My favourite word is “optimise”. It has been a driver for me throughout my life both in personal development and always challenging myself. It turns out this mentality works well in the digital and marketing world, which I now call “home”. And that’s why I call myself a marketing geek.