Hello! My name is Pål.

My skills: I am a London-based senior marketer with the strategic and analytical mindset and skills required to succeed in modern multichannel markets. As a team leader, I create high performing teams and foster an environment for professional growth and development, I am an expert at digital change management and taking company budgets and digital strategies to the highest standards. I am self-motivated with strong project management skills with a focus on high ROI and growth as demonstrated through my career results to date.

My achievements at a glance: I have produced solid results in my career earning me the “Best Website Manager” award for 2015. I was also awarded “Academic Excellence” from Griffith University, Australia, for my performance in the Master of Marketing degree in 2012/2013.

  • At Wisby Ltd I delivered 614% growth in SEO visibility and 450% growth in sales over the year.
  • At Clinova I built their digital eCommerce operation from the ground up for four brands in less than a year.
  • At Natterbox, I increased digitally driven leads by over 60% in one year.
  • I built Ennovation House’s entire presence in the UK setting up an office, hiring a team and at the same time delivering a project involving 1500 SEO optimised pages across six languages. All in less than six months.
  • Finally, I contracted at MintTwist, a digital agency, and implemented paid search and paid social strategies across several industries, like education, finance, and retail.

My method: My favourite word is “optimise”. It has been a driver for me throughout my life both in personal development and always challenging myself. It turns out this mentality works well in the digital marketing world, which I now call “home”. And that’s why I call myself a marketing geek.