How deep work is relevant for your career

I originally posted this article to LinkedIn. Deep work! It’s been called the No 1 job skill that will never become obsolete. But it’s become even more difficult as email notifications have developed a COVID-driven twin in the form of Teams/Slack/Skype messages, doubling the number of distractions. Firstly, if you don’t know what deep work… Read More

The Role of Emotions and Influencing in Marketing

Marketing that makes people buy is almost always emotionally driven. There is research out there that concludes that people are more likely to make an emotional judgment over a rational judgment when making buying decisions. Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion are a masterpiece of research, and most of the important tricks we marketers use, or… Read More

Why I think programming and technical skills are important for SEOs moving forward

In my career as an SEO I’ve until recently have to rely on others for both interpreting but especially updating technical items, even simple HTML and CSS updates. Yeah, I know. A bit pathetic, and not optimal when you work in smaller and more hands-on organisations. You can safely say it’s been more of a… Read More

Has AI turned Google search into a black box?

In early 2016, Google changed search chief from Amit Singhal to John Giannandrea. This has implications for how Google search is moving forward. Giannandrea comes from the role of lead of Google’s AI efforts, which is a significant signal about the direction Google is taking. Rankbrain is Google’s machine learning system built into search, and… Read More